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In conclusion, Berbers are a diverse group of people who primarily live in western North Africa. The term “Berber” is a historically assigned term by foreign conquerors, and modern-day Berbers prefer their own designations. Berber society has a family-based traditional social organization, which is characterized by its segmentary nature. Berbers are known for their fierce independence, inclination to rebellion, and resistance to any imposition of control over their lives. The majority of Berbers live in rural environments, typically in the mountains, high plateaus, pre-Saharan hammada, or the Sahara Desert. Although the Tuareg are well known for their camel nomadic lifestyle, most Berbers are sedentary agriculturalists. Berbers have made valuable contributions to the cultural heritage of the region through their art forms, such as pottery, weaving, jewelry, and architecture. Religion-wise, the vast majority of Berbers embraced Sunni Islam, which is the predominant form of Islam in North Africa. … Read More

In this blog article, we will give a brief history of Morocco.

Brief History of Morocco

In this blog article, we will give a brief history of Morocco. … Read More

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